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    CSA Textile is a subsidiary of Abalıoğlu Holding Company..
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About Us

About Us

CSA Textile Egypt was established by Abalıoğlu Tekstil Sanayi A.Ş. who is the member of Abalioglu Holding Group. The investment started in 2006 and production was started in 2008 with 25,000 ring spindles. In the plant it is producing yarns with cellulosic fibers & cotton and their blending in the range of Ne 12/1 to Ne 50/1. It is using cellulosic fibers from Lenzing – Austria, like fiber types Modal, MicroModal, Tencel STD, Tencel LF, Viscose and Bamboo fiber from China.

All types of yarns in production shall produce in knitting and weaving torsions at “Z” or “S” way twist, as single or twisted yarns. Also it is able to produce slub yarns between yarn counts Ne 10 to Ne 30 with Amsler system.

Vision , Mission, Values

We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen.
We build your products to realize your vision and we deliver the ready product.


CSA Egypt Follows all the innovations in textile sector globall.

Our Aim is being a leader in our industry with our detail oriented quality forms, out ambition in right and fast service and our enthusiasm in sharing our experience with our customers.


Offering best quality with on time deliveries followed by after sales service.

we are keen on working with our customers finding the most suitable solutions.


Honesty and transparency are major integral parts of our values.

we work closely with our customers for a "win-win" solution, health and safety rules always come first.


Quality in General

 We are always interested in quality and the application of all quality rules by international quality organizations to reach the highest possible quality of the product.

Environment, Work Health, Safety

  • The company is keen to maintain international standards to preserve the environment and to abide by the rules and instructions issued by international environmental organizations
  • The company is keen to follow the safety instructions and apply all safety factors stipulated by the occupational safety, health, and industrial security bodies, and to ensure the use of all safety tools.
  • The company is always keen on making the work environment healthy and following and implementing all the benefits and instructions for that in order to reach an ideal and healthy work environment.

Production and Technology


  • Choose raw materials very carefully
  • Transporting raw materials in vehicles equipped to preserve raw materials
  • Storing raw materials in warehouses equipped and conforming to quality rules
  • Inspection and processing of raw materials before they are used in the production stages
  • Taking care of the periodic cleaning of machines according to the schedules stipulated by the machine manufacturer and international quality organizations
  • All production stages are automated to maintain the quality level in manufacturing

Manufacturing Technology

  • Using the latest technology of ring spinning machines
  • Using the latest product analysis technology
  • The latest yarn test equipment
  • The latest laboratory equipment for product testing
  • The latest threads examination rooms before packaging
  • The latest packaging equipment for the final product