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    CSA Textile subsidiary of Abalıoğlu Holding Company..
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    CSA Textile provides high quality products on textile.
  • CSA Textile
    CSA Textile Egypt
    CSA Textile is creative textile company providing
    We minimize the gap between technology and its.


سى اس ايه للمنسوجات مصر    

 القابضهAbaliogluوالتي هي عضو في مجموعة Abalıoğlutekstilsanay A.S. تأسست من قبل شركة

والتي تعد من أعلى قائمة ال 100 في تركيا. يقع مصنعنا في المنطقة الصناعية في مدينة برج العرب فقط 75 كم الجانب الغربي من الإسكندرية. بدأت الاستثمار في عام 2006 والإنتاج في عام 2008 مع 25000 مغزل حلقى . تنتج الألياف السليلوزية وخيوط القطن ومزج منهم في نطاق  12/1 إلى 50/1. كما نقوم بإستخدام الألياف السليلوزية من شركة لينزنج  - النمسا

Vision , Mission, Values

We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen.
We build your products to realise your vision and we deliver the ready product.


By closely following the new innovations in our sector and the world, our aim is not only lead our industry also establishes a taste of our quality and service to the world with sharing our experiences and knowledge to catch continuous development with our customers is our vision.


Always being ready for high effective and fast moving organization, to be a solution partnership of our customers for their requirement, to reach the best product solutions and give technical and knowhow supports to them, to get the right result at one time and the first time is our mission.


Being very honest and act very transparent to our customers by keeping our words and acting as win-n-win is our main value While giving the best service to our solution partners, we all know that the way of reaching the success is keeping hand to hand with our workers. Our first rule is to strictly follow Health and Safety Rules, to be respectful and valuing peoples and protect environment.


Quality in General


Environment , Work Health , Safety



Work Health




Production and Technology

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